buscando pareja a bart parte 2

Im where the spotlight should always be and thats why Ive got seven pounds of make-up on my face, my voice is higher than chat de relaciones esporadicas a whistle for dogs thats why you cant tell what Im saying at all it sounds like gibberish writing words was.
You cant deport me and Im not Mexican get off of me you stupid racist pig!But she still went triple platinum.She's trying to be the white.Para visualizar a lista de materiais e o passo a passo desta aula, basta acessar nosso site e clicar no link "Passo a Passo no menu à esquerda.Para mais informações acesse.Paved the way for more talented.Im getting sick of this Caitlin shit taking away my newsworthiness wait that gives me a good idea an awesome brilliant plan, ill lose the skirt and pull my hair to the back the stuff my crotch and put on a fake mustache.Stop that lickin stop that donut lickin, ew!Who could eat these?She cant say that bullshit about this great country that girl will pay!And all the attention will be back.All she does is stick out her tongue.This this song is saying, shut him up please!Exibição: * Parte 1.Ill leak a photo online to TMZ.Todas as promoções e ofertas de brindes são válidas somente para a data e horário de exibição do programa na televisão.
Whore it up, whore.